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Become a Dive Professional

Divemaster (DM) Open Water Instructor (OWI)
Dive Master Open Water Instructor

1. Study Your Academic Materials at Home. By studying your materials at home before attending the training course, you will utilize your time better. This will also allow you to maximize the information the course has to offer.

2. Attend the Training Program. SSI Training Programs are active learning environments, focusing on practical application, real-world skills, and role-playing exercises. When you graduate, you will possess the dive business knowledge and skills to be a successful professional in retail and resort businesses.

3. Start Teaching. SSI’s website features a job search database so that you can post your resume online, as well as locate SSI Dive Centers and Dive Resorts looking for your special talents. Check out our job search database to post your resume and research various openings.

Dive Professional Upgrade Program

SSI has a simplified crossover system for instructors affiliated with recognized agencies. We believe that since you’re already an instructor, you only need to know how the SSI System and Philosophy function as well as the specific skills.

You will have to enroll in an SSI Instructor Upgrade Program which qualifies you for SSI ratings one-to-one based on the ratings of your current training agency. Check the SSI Equivalence Table to find your rating and after graduation you can continue your career with SSI without limits!

Continue your career by taking higher Dive Professional programs, qualifying for Specialty Instructor ratings and continuing your pursuit of dives.