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Open Water Checkout Weekends

Beaver Lake

Let’s go diving! To complete your Open Water Diver Certification you will need to complete at least 4 Open Water Training Dives. During these dives you will apply all the knowledge and skills from your Academic and Confined water training in an open water environment. You can make the dives locally with our instructors at Beaver Lake (May-Nov) or join us on one of our Staff directed Dive Trips to many different exotic diving destinations.  Most new divers choose to go to Beaver Lake before their Trip to the Caribbean. This allows them to complete certification and be ready for FUN rather than having to do the skills and training while on vacation. Because Adventure Sports only offers Open Water Checkout Dives May-November at Beaver Lake, a referral to your diving location can also be arranged.

Your weekend getaway to Beaver Lake (the most beautiful and pristine lake in the Midwest), includes two days of Boat Diving, (most KC based dive operations do shore diving), Instructor and Certification fees.  Our dive boat is a 42 ft. pontoon with plenty of room for gear assembly and dive platforms for the easiest water entry and exit possible.

There are several lodging options for your trip to Beaver Lake.  A few of them include:

Lost Bridge Inn

Whitney Mountain Lodge


There are also 2 campgrounds:

Indian Creek Park Campground
Address: 13325 Indian Creek Rd, Garfield, AR 72732
Phone:(479) 656-3145

Lost Bridge North Park Campground
Address: 12485 Marina Rd, Garfield, AR 72732
Phone:(479) 359-3312
There are also many private homes for rent surrounding the lake!

Open Water Weekend Itinerary

  • Thursday Night Prior to Weekend: Pre-Trip Meeting at Adventure Sports 5pm-7pm.
  • You will drive to Beaver Lake Friday afternoon/night at your convenience  (4.0 hours from Kansas City).
  • Dive all Day Saturday (lunch break included)
  • Dive Sunday morning to complete your training.  Weather permitting most classes head back to KC by 2pm.




Costs: Open Water Weekend at Beaver Lake 

  • $199.00 per diver. $100 deposit holds your spot.
  • All classes have a $50 reschedule or cancellation fee (inside of 1 week).
  • Know a Certified Diver who wants to tag along? – $150 fun dive weekend

Prerequisites: Completed Academic and Pool training at Adventure Sports or a completed Referral form.

You will need:

  • Log book, dive tables, your mask, fins, snorkel and boots that you purchased at Adventure Sports.
  • Wetsuit, 3mm-7mm depending on lake temperatures. Wetsuit may be rented.
  • Buoyancy Compensator and Regulator rented or purchased at Adventure Sports.
    Due to Insurance policy regulations personal gear not purchased at Adventure Sports may not be used for any training dives.
  • Transportation to lodging of your choice.

Schedule 2018 Calendar of events

  • Dates are Friday (PM Drive Down) throughSunday)

    Open Water Check-out Dive Weekends 2018: 

    Specialty Courses 2018:



     All our Open Water checkout dives and most of our Specialty courses
    are taught at Beaver Lake, AR.
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