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Why rent from Adventure Sports?

  • Save up to 50% on rentals compared to renting on the mountain.
  • We sharpen & wax our equipment every time it returns, so you know you will have sharp edges and fresh wax. Always!
  • Going to Colorado or another distant ski vacation? We only charge for ski days. Drive Days included. Keep your equipment for 5 days and only pay for the 3 you are skiing.
  • No insurance. No charges for damaged equipment. No deposit on your credit card. Must return equipment. Insurance does not cover theft or loss.
  • Convenience:
    • No time wasted at the mountain.
    • Instant hassle free ski return.
    • Adventure Sports caters to big groups such as boy-scouts and youth groups. Parents can individually bring kids in for boot/ski/board/helmet/pole/binding fitting and rental, prior to the trip. Adventure Sports takes care of the rest. No hassle, easy for parents and group leaders.
  • Problem with your rental? NO Problem! Go the nearest shop and get the problem fixed. We will pay you back if there is a charge. Just bring back a receipt.
  • Why not support your local ski & scuba shop?
  • For Scuba Rentals click HERE

Ski and Snowboard Rental Packages

2017/2018 Season

  • Adult High Performance Ski Package:
    Recreational Ski and Symbio Boots, ski poles
    $20.00 per ski day
    For True Beginners

  • Adult Sport Ski Package:
    Recreational Ski w/upgraded Demo Boots, ski poles
    $30 per ski day
    For Beginners that want a more adjustable more comfortable boot

  • Adult Demo Ski Package
    Upgraded Demo Ski and Demo Boot
    $40 per ski day
    For Intermediate Skiers 

  • Adult Twin Tip Ski Package
    Twin Tip skis with an upgraded Demo boot
    $45 per ski day
    For those skiers wanting to play in the terrain park & ride backwards
  • Adult Demo Plus Ski Package
    Demo Plus Ski and Demo Boot
    $60 per ski day
    For Upper Intermediate to Advanced Skiers

  • Youth Ski Package (Less than 130cm)
    Youth Skis, Youth Boots and Poles upon request.
    $20 per ski day

  • Adult Recreational Snowboard Package
    Recreational Board and Boots with K2 SR1 Bindings
    $35 per ski day

  • Adult Demo Snowboard Package
    Upgraded Demo Snowboard, Boots, Bindings
    $50 per day

  • Helmets
    $8 per ski day

  • Car racks for Skis and Boards
    Must have existing rack on vehicle with cross members.
    $10 per ski day

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