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Snorkeling FAQ 2019

Snorkel Gear

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Snorkeling is a great way to begin your underwater adventures. It’s your chance to start exploring a new and fascinating world. Suitable for all ages, snorkeling provides both action and relaxation – whatever you are looking for.

For centuries, the mystery and beauty of the underwater world has fascinated the human race.

Today, more than ever, we continue our quest for adventure in this new world. We yearn to feel our weightlessness in water, to swim with the animals of the sea, and to admire the beauty of ocean reefs.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean snorkeling_fish

Snorkeling is an exciting activity that anyone, young or old, can enjoy with a minimum of equipment and little training. Snorkeling is a great year-round activity, no matter where you live. From exploring the beautiful ocean reefs to discovering your local lake or river, there is a snorkeling experience near you.


masksThe mask is the most crucial part of a snorkeling set and needs to fit properly. Having your own mask can make or break a snorkeling adventure.Good quality masks have a silicone strap and skirt and tempered glass lenses.  Masks should be properly fitted at Adventure Sports where you can be informed of fit, features and options to make your snorkeling experience that much more enjoyable.


The snorkel is your key to being able to stay under the surface of the water while still having the ability to breath. Snorkels come with many options that can make the experience much more pleasant. Some options include wave cap, dry cap and purge valve. Adventure Sports staff can help you decide what is best for you! Our new TUSA SP-200 Dry Snorkel works effortlessly and flawlessly!!


While fins may seem rather basic, there are many options for them as well. Some fins are designed to fit on a bare foot while others require a neoprene booty. Some fins are designed with a flat blade and some are split. Each serves a different purpose. Let Adventure Sports Staff help you decide which style and size are correct for you. Fit is crucial on fins to guard against cuts, abrasions and blisters.

snorkelvestsSnorkeling Vests

A Snorkeling vest is either jacket style or just an inflatable ring with waist and crotch straps. A snorkeling vest will help the snorkeler stay a float during the adventure and will lengthen the experience by lessening fatigue. Snorkeling vests also provide a higher level of safety for the snorkeler although they are not designed as a life saving device.

defogAnti fog & Mask Scrub

Anti fog is a bottle of gel or spray that when applied to the inside of the mask lens can provide hours of fog free snorkeling. Nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly rinse your mask out due to foggy lenses.

meshbagsMesh Bags

All snorkeling or diving equipment used in salt water should be thoroughly rinsed in fresh water. An easy way to store carry and rinse gear is with a mesh bag.

With these 6 pieces of snorkeling equipment you are well on your way to having an exciting and comfortable snorkeling Adventure. Adventure Sports Staff is available daily to answer questions and help you find the best equipment for the best price.

Adventure Sports offers a full line of Scuba and snorkeling equipment. We have the largest selection of masks (styles/colors) to choose from in the Kansas City Metro, as well as full foot fins and booty fins and a large selection of snorkels. Adventure Sports is your one stop shop for all you Snorkeling needs. Stop in and let one of our friendly staff help you decide which equipment is best suited for you! Trying snorkeling gear on before purchase is a must and that’s exactly what we offer here at Adventure Sports.

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*Adventure Sports also has a full line of snorkeling equipment for kids starting around age 3*